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Organic vegetables from the Fucino Basin

Organic vegetables from the Fucino Basin

The Aureli family started growing vegetables in The Fucino Basin some 50 years ago. Back then they operated out of a small stone building. Nowadays their headquarters is a giant building proudly painted to resemble a carrot.

The basin itself is perfect for growing vegetables; it's 700 metres above the sea and as it was once a lake the soil is full of nourishing organic matter. The area is relatively untouched and unspoilt by people - only a small area is inhabited so the land remains pure and free from human contamination.

Thanks to their longstanding affiliation with the area the Aureli brothers who run the farm today know exactly where the best areas are within the basin are to grow different crops. These years of experience result in some of the tastiest and most nutritious vegetables around. For example, carrots produced here are high in beta-carotene and hold Protected Geographical Indication, a highly coveted recognition of quality.

There are no storage facilities at the Aureli site in Abruzzo so the vegetables come straight from the field and are processed within 24 hours.

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Published on: April 22, 2020