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Pre Crop report - Canadian Wild Blueberries

Pre Crop report - Canadian Wild Blueberries


As of June 6, the fields are at full flowering stage in Saguenay Lac St-Jean.

There were a few frost and near frost episodes which are always worrisome during the flowering stage, as plants are at their most vulnerable.  The latest frost happened during the first weekend of June (June 2-3-4).  Some areas have slight damage, but nothing major from what was assessed so far.

Another issue of concern in Quebec is the abnormally high number of forest fires, greatly impacted due to lack of rain in northern Quebec. So far, we have not had reports of wild blueberry field being directly impacted.  Pollinators have begun their essential contribution and will keep on working even though there is smoke and smog in these areas.  Some rain is forecast for this week and will help as soils are very dry; thankfully, wild blueberries are quite resistant to dryness.

Published on: June 22, 2023