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About Naturen

Founded in 2009 but with over 50 years of experience in sourcing, logistics, production and quality control Naturen specialises in the supply of organic, natural and Fairtrade ingredients.

In 2021 we expanded our operations with the creation of Naturen Europe SAS, based in France. In 2022 we launched Naturen South America with the opening of an office in Chile.

We have an established network of suppliers from whom we are able to source a wide range of products for the food, drink, health supplement and baby food industries.

The list of ingredients we are able to source grows almost on a daily basis and therefore if you can't see what you require on our product lists please do contact us.












We're committed to fulfilling our environmental obligations in line with UK Packaging Waste Regulations to ensure any packaging waste that the business generates is reduced, considered for re-use, recycled or recovered. Naturen’s packaging producer registration number is NPWD321467.