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Ecofarm Mozambique organic sugar and molasses

Ecofarm Mozambique organic sugar and molasses

Naturen represents Ecofarm Mozambique in the UK - Ecofarm produces socially and environmentally responsible organic sugar and molasses of the highest possible quality.

Situated in a remote rural location on the banks of the Zambezi River, Ecofarm has 633 hectares of organic sugarcane under irrigation and a herd of 1200 cattle providing organic plant nutrition. the farms’ modern sugar mill has cogeneration facilities for renewable electricity and can produce about 60 tons of high quality organic sugar and 24 tons of organic molasses per day.

The Ecofarm mill with a set aside nature reserve in the foreground and cane fields to the left

The sugarcane is grown to the highest international organic standards, largely using local plant nutrition. EcoFarm places emphasis on preventing damaging bush-fires in the area, building and maintaining fire breaks and providing fire-fighting equipment. Over half of the total land area is kept in its original state, linked by corridors of natural vegetation. These extensive set-aside preservation areas nurture the bio-diversity of local fauna and flora and help to maintain the ecological balance that makes organic farming possible.

Ecofarm's Brahman herd is improving cattle genetics

Ecofarm takes its social and environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and its founder Radie Van Rensburg is committed to creating income opportunities for local communities. The farm has obtained grant funding to install irrigation infrastructure on land owned by co-operatives of small-scale farmers who grow almost half of the organic cane processed.

Cooperative members celecration the opening of the Ecofarm Mill - July 2019

The local impact of EcoFarm has multiple dimensions. The farm has brought jobs and income security with the creation of 600 permanent jobs, 200 seasonal jobs and 550 outgrower households. EcoFarm also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs from surrounding communities to supply such local products as building stone, construction timber, roofing material and cattle/plant nutrition. There is enhanced food security with 10,000 mouths being fed daily and an emphasis on opportunities for women and youth. Ecofarm has constructed classrooms in surrounding communities and ensures no child labour is used within any of its operations.

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Published on: April 22, 2020