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European Organic Goji Berry Project

European Organic Goji Berry Project

Naturen is delighted to announce the fruition of an organic goji berry project in Bulgaria. 

Husband and wife team, Ventsi Hadzhiev and Milena Emilova, are currently farming six hectares of organic goji in the mineral spring rich province of Plovdiv, home to the Central Balkan National Park and the historic city of the same name.  The ancient floodplains and the humid, subtropical climate are ideally suited to the natural needs of the goji berry, sometimes referred to as the wolfberry, a member of the nightshade family.

Ventsi and Milena became fans of the nutrient-dense fruit and subsequently witnessed increasing demand for European supplies of the berry, which led them to their labour of love three years ago.  They've now had their first full season’s harvest of the bright orange-red oval berry.  

This project is very much a growing concern with much focus on the nursery where Ventsi attends to the cultivation of new organic goji plants.

Available from Naturen in IQF format and frozen purée - please call Tim Brooker on 0151 329 0201.


Published on: April 25, 2017