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Naturen's organic sweet potato project in Spain

Naturen's organic sweet potato project in Spain


Naturen has been importing organic sweet potato for some years but with this year’s harvest we have selected one partner with extensive experience in sweet potato growing to be our direct supplier. This means we can offer full traceability back to the farm and can also control the variety of sweet potato and the time of harvesting.


Sweet potatoes are usually harvested between September and November but we do not process our sweet potato until November once they have been kept in storage for the brix to increase, resulting in a sweeter final product which is particularly suited to babyfood products.


Naturen tests the raw material to the EU babyfood regulations and we organise the peeling & freezing process with our co-packer. The sweet potato is then packed to the exact customer specification and tested a second time.


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Published on: September 27, 2019